Zebra P110i Single Sided Card Printer
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Zebra P110i Single Sided Card Printer



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An affordable and easy to use printer . The Zebracard P110i Single Sided ID Card Printer makes Color ID cards easily. It can print single-sided full color or monochrome cards. It lets you create custom cards on demand, is easy to use and budget-friendly. It has a number of great features like the LCD that displays current print status, optional ethernet connectivity, and iSeries intelligent ribbon series. If you want an affordable printer, then the P110i is the best chice for you. Ideal for Customized bank/ATM cards, Employee ID cards, Student and faculty IDs, Access control cards, Membership and loyalty cards, Personalized gift cards, Visitor ID cards.

  • Versatile ID card printer that prints Colorful 1 sided ID cards. Printing Capability: Color and Monochrome.

  • Printer speed: 120 cards per hour (YMCKO). Networking: USB 1.1 interface; Optional Ethernet for Network set up.

  • Output Card Hopper Capacity: 45 cards. Accepted Card Thickness: 30 mil.

  • Printer Ribbon Yield: YMCKO print ribbon yields 200 prints.

  • Accepted Card Thickness: 30 mil.

Product Details:
Product Length: 12.91 inches
Product Width: 7.9 inches
Product Height: 9.25 inches
Product Weight: 10.0 pounds
Package Length: 16.0 inches
Package Width: 13.0 inches
Package Height: 12.5 inches
Package Weight: 13.6 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 7 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review:3.5 ( 7 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

17 of 17 found the following review helpful:

4Nice Printer For Moderate Business Use  Aug 18, 2010
By Lance Cleveland
This is a great printer for moderate business use. Fairly quick for a card printer and the quality of output is decent. The 100 card hopper is a nice addition and well worth the $100 IMO. Ink is a bit pricey, but all of the thermal full color printers are. Luckily the monochrome cartridge is a good deal and gets 10x as many prints from the cartridge.

One thing to be aware of - NOT ALL OF THESE PRINTER LISTINGS ON AMAZON ARE THE SAME. We purchased TWO of these because the first one did NOT come with a test ribbon or test cards. Purchasing those item separately can easily cost you another $100. The Zebra P110i that we kept was from [...] and it did come with the starter pack. IF YOU PURCHASE FROM ANOTHER VENDOR EMAIL THEM FIRST - ASK IF THEIR VERSION COMES WITH THE STARTER PACK. This is not a standard Zebra feature. Better retailers will include it and not charge (much) more for it. It is well worth the extra effort if you want to run some test prints before going into production with real smart cards or RFID cards.

7 of 7 found the following review helpful:

2I have a love-hate relationship with this printer.  Jan 30, 2013
By Amazon Customer "Brian"
I have a love-hate relationship with this printer.

I have owned this printer since 12/2010 and use it from December to February each year to print around 1400 cards for a seasonal business.

I love the print quality, the compliments we get on the professional appearance of our ID badges, and the price of the machine.

I hate its unreliability and the lack of feedback it provides when there is a problem. Anywhere from every 15-125 cards or so, it will stop printing in the middle of the print queue and say "Ready." Today I sat down to print 600 cards that were queued up in my database. It took 20 minutes for me to get the printer to actually print anything. When it is stuck, and the reason is because it lacks cards, the ribbon is exhausted or broken, the machine needs to be cleaned, or cards are stuck inside, it USUALLY (but not always) tells you so. But if it is anything else, good luck! I have lost many hours troubleshooting this device and am unable to come up with a concrete way to know why it has stopped printing in a given situation though I know that things I need to try to resolve the issue include: rebooting the computer; rebooting the printer; troubleshooting the printer in case the print spooler has crashed; deleting the print queue and starting over; printing a test page (yes, sometimes that fixes it); replacing the ribbon (sometimes it does not say to replace it, but that is the problem); or any combination of the above in an unknown order.

I am using it with the CardStudio software to retrieve data directly from a Microsoft Access database. Certainly either of those could be the problem... but without better feedback from the printer I am not really able to pin down the nature of the issues I'm having. I have found that if I cradle the machine gently in my arms, close my eyes, spin in a counterclockwise circle three times, sing the alphabet backwards and place the machine back in its resting spot, that is about as effective as any other troubleshooting.

5Great printer.  Sep 10, 2013
By NCI Admin
I need to tell you potential buyers out there, THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT COME WITH THE RIBBON CARTRIDGE. I didn't know that and spent another week waiting to receive the cartridge (which I couldn't find on Amazon, and went with DiscountID dot com). Once I loaded the ribbon, I was blown away with how good this machine works. I would highly recommend this for a small to medium sized business. I have a VB program I wrote where I programmatically build a bitmap using the Graphics object e.g. Graphics.DrawImage, Graphics.DrawString. Then I export to a bitmap and using the Windows Photo Viewer to print the card. Very easy for the end user.

4Great little printer for the faces!  Feb 06, 2013
By GoWarJay
Needed a quick turn around, no nonsense badge printer for our new office. Picked this up along with a little hole punch for the lanyards and an extra ink ribbon.

* Driver installation was a breeze and I had a test card printing in minutes.
* Great form factor saves space
* Relatively quick printing of full-color badge (full black overlay on white cardstock)

NOW, for my annoyance. I ended up having to buy the CardStudio software ($350) from Zebra in order to really use this printer properly. It sucks they don't ship the unit with some basic card printing software. They give you a crappy bunch of templates, but for anyone who is going to be using a -Card Printer with a Hopper- the templates won't cut it. Seriously, if you need to have a 50 card hopper in your printer, you will probably need to have some kind of software with a tiny database behind it.

It sucks they don't give you a lite version for free.

Other than that - I recommend this product.

5Great buy  May 03, 2012
By Claudia L Salas
I received the printer and it is very easy to use, and works wonder. It was a great buy, I do recommended it. from the seller, it was fast and easy transaction.

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